Past Events

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30th LAWASIA Conference

Start date: 18 September 2017

End date: 21 September 2017

Location: Tokyo | Japan

Annual conference is LAWASIA’s most significant event of the year. It is intended to bring together bar leaders, corporate members and individual members from each country in the Asia-Pacific region under one roof, and to conduct sessions to discuss a number of topics including judicial, legal training, and alternative dispute resolution.

The conference also seeks to be a venue for sharing ideas, deepening relationships, establishing rule of law, and contributing to regional development and peace.

LAWASIA invites all of our members to register for attendance.

NZILA Conference 2017

Start date: 13 September 2017

End date: 15 September 2017

Location: Te Papa, Wellington

The 2017 NZILA Conference, Shaken not Stirred, was held in Wellington from Wednesday, 13 September to Friday, 15 September. A total of 333 delegates, including speakers and presenters, enjoyed a strong and varied educational programme and entertaining James Bond themed social events.

Please click on the below links for the presentations we have available.

Tim Grafton, ICNZ – A Snapshot Look at the Top Issues Facing Our Industry
Kelvin Berryman, GNS – Shaken not Stirred – Wellington Earthquakes
Mike Menedonca, Wellington City Council – Shaken not Stirred – Wellington Earthquakes
Mike Heron, QC – Governmental Investigations and Inquiries
Henry Holderness, Canterbury University – Legal Update from Our Academics
Bevan Marten, Victoria University – Legal Update from Our Academics
Ursula Cheer, Canterbury University – Legal Update from Our Academics

Christchurch Regional Event – The Insureds’ Perspective, a three panel discussion

Date: 15 August 2017

NZILA & ICNZ Liability Discussion Group – New and Emerging Risks

Date: 9 August 2017

Time: 10:00am - 12:00pm

Location: Auckland

Topics and Speakers:
– Technological developments and increased use of unmanned aerial vehicles, potential regulatory and civil liabilities with ownership and operation, available liability cover, both in New Zealand and offshore markets.
Craig Kirk, General Manager, Delta Insurance

Autonomous vehicles – Will we have driverless cars and trucks or buses by 2020? What statutory reforms can we expect?  Potential regulatory and civil liabilities with ownership and operation.  How is the liability insurance market responding?
Michael Hookham, Manager – Transport & Commercial Motor, Vero Insurance
Michael Hookham presentation

Climate change and insurance in the Environment Court – Associated business risks and liabilities; will directors face corporate or personal liability for failing to take action given knowledge of climate risks? Where is New Zealand heading?
Ben Williams, Partner, Chapman Tripp

Moderator: Nick Mereu, ICNZ

NZILA & ICNZ Liability Insurance Discussion Group

Date: 5 July 2017

Location: Auckland

Speakers: Nick Murphy, GenRe – Property & Casualty, John Walton, Bankside Chambers, Engineering & Construction Law Specialist, Kavita Deobhakta, Morgan Coakle, Partner
Moderator: Richard Johnstone, Barrister, Christchurch

Download presentation: De-risking Construction Projects.

2017 NZILA Lecture Series

Date: 6 March 2017

Neil Campbell QC, Shortland Chambers Inherent Vice: Limits and Tensions


Neil discussed exclusions for inherent vice (broadly conceived, including matters such as defective workmanship or design). Such exclusions are a common source of dispute between insureds and insurers, and have been the subject of recent appellate decisions overseas.

Neil Campbell – Inherent vice presentation

NZILA Conference 2016

Start date: 21 September 2016

End date: 23 September 2016

Location: Queenstown